About Us

We are committed to changing lives for the better in underprivileged communities in Columbus, Ohio through health, wellness, education, awareness, nutrition, and training/structure.  Consistent with these efforts we are hosting  Fun Fitness day centered around physical health.

For 15 years, Dr. William Washington and his wife Michele Washington have operated the Linden Medical Health Center (“Linded Medical”), located on North Cleveland Avenue and Family Medical Health Center (“Family Medical”), located on West Broad Street, both in Columbus, Ohio. While serving these urban populations, the Washington’s see first-hand, the prevalence of obesity, hypertension, asthma and diabetes.


  • More than 30% of Ohioans are obese, which ranks 13th highest in the country
  • By 2018, 50% of Ohioans will be obese
  • Obesity rates within the Linden area are significantly higher than the overall state’s rates
  • It’s estimated that $190 Billion in annual medical cost due to obesity


  • The National average is 9.5%
  • Within the Columbus Metropolitan Area, 8.3% of the population are diabetic
  • Within the Linden area, a stunning 16.7% of the population are diabetic… a 75% increase over the national average.
  • A total estimated cost of diagnosed diabetes (2012) was $245 billion.


  • Nationally, up to 8.3% of Adults suffer from Asthma
  • Nationally, up to 9% of Children suffer from Asthma
  • In Ohio, 14% of Adults have Asthma;
  • In Ohio, 13% of Children have Asthma;
  • According to a study by Elsevier, children living in a predominantly low socio-economic community like the Linden Area, have a 70% greater risk of Asthma, regardless of race and income level.
  • African Americans are 2 to 3 times more likely to die from asthma than any other racial or ethnic group.
  • Americans spend over $4,900 per person every year for treatment

The Washington’s recognized the need for a different way to address the healthcare needs of the community they serve. A broader based, multidimensional approach is needed: one that addresses the medical component (clinical studies and advanced research, for example), as well as the lifestyle choices of their patients.

Linden Wellness Initiative
The Washington’s wanted to find additional ways to change patient outcomes. They established the Linden Wellness Initiative, a not-for-profit organization charged with creating a model to address a community’s health care challenges. The implementation of The Affordable Care Act will necessitate physicians and other health care providers to find creative and cost-effective ways to meet the needs of their patients.

One of the first projects of the Linden Wellness Initiative was the Linden Wellness Festival, where the streets surrounding Linden Medical were closed to traffic, and over 600 residents came to listen to live music, enjoy wonderful food, obtain information from a wide range of health care organizations, and watch live cooking demonstrations. The purpose of that event was to bring awareness to all the different resources that are available to the surrounding community.